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"Build a star, a ball or a wheel with this great Flexistix starter kit. Contains bamboo and flexible connectors for three different projects or design your own fantastic creations! Includes step-by-step instructions. Made of sustainable bamboo, silicone, and water-based paints. For ages four and over.
- Age: 4Y+PLAY TIPS:
1. Use the silicone connectors to link the bamboo sticks together.
2. Follow the enclosed instructions to make a ball, wheel or star.
3. Use your imagination and skill to create new shapes and structures.FEATURES:
- Bamboo construction kit
- Can be used to create a ball, wheel or star
- Includes 47 sticks and 19 flexible connectors, plus building instructions
- Made of sustainable bamboo, silicone and water-based paints
- Compatible with other Flexistix kits
- For ages 4+"

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