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"Suck up some bath water with this fun dropper and watch the colored beads inside dance about. Then squeeze the bulb again to create a water spout. Helps children learn about vacuums, pressure and suction while adding fun to bath time. For ages 18 months and over.
- Age: 18M+PLAY TIPS:
1. Shake the dropper in or out of the bath to make the beads inside rattle and dance.
2. At bath time, place the end of the dropper below the water surface and squeeze and release the bulb. Water gushes in and makes the beads rush about.
3. Move the dropper above the water and squeeze the bulb again to create a powerful water spout.4. The silicone bulb can be removed for easy cleaning.FEATURES:
- Red giant-sized dropper toy
- Plastic beads inside the dropper move about as water is sucked up and expelled
- Squeezing the bulb creates a powerful water spout
- Helps children to learn about suction, pressure and vacuums
- Dropper head made from durable silicone
- For ages 18m+"

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Caractéristiques :
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