Hape - Locomotive REMOTE-CONTROL TRAIN Hape
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"Use a mobile phone or tablet to drive this clever little engine forwards, backwards or to a stop. It comes with a free Bluetooth phone app that also lets you adjust the engine speed and play five cool sounds. The built-in battery can be charged using the enclosed charging cable and the buttons on the engine can also be used to control basic operations. Teaches children about sustainable energy options and remote-control technology. For ages XX and over.
- Age: 3Y+PLAY TIPS:
1. Use the enclosed instructions to download the free control app to your mobile phone or tablet. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your device and sync the app to the engine.
2. Place the engine on the ground or on a wooden railway set and use the app to control it. Drive it forwards, backwards or to a stop, control the speed and and play the five sounds.
3. To use the engine without the app, press the buttons on top to drive forwards, backwards and stop. Recharge the engine as required using the enclosed USB charging cable.FEATURES:
- Remote-control engine with Bluetooth app
- Download the free app to control the engine via your mobile phone or tablet. Control options include forwards, backwards, stop, speed control, and five different sounds
- App download instructions included. Bluetooth device required
- Buttons on top of the engine can also be used to control basic operations
- Includes charging cable
- For ages 3Y+"

Caractéristiques :

Caractéristiques :
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